Car Buying Secrets You May Not Know

  • By Sikorsky Credit Union
  • February 16, 2022

President’s Day is right around the corner and is traditionally associated with vehicle sales. Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Before you go down that road, we have some car buying secrets that you may want to know…

Make Sure You Are Comfortable With The Sales Person
Trust your gut. While you don’t need to be friends with your salesperson, you do need to be comfortable with them in order to find the car that suits your needs and negotiate the best deal.

Buy at the End of the Month
The end of the month is generally the best time to buy as salespeople may need to hit end of month quotas, which may mean you get a better deal. Not only do salespeople have monthly quotas, but the dealership does as well. If a dealership meets their quota, the manufacturer may allocate more vehicles to that particular dealership.

Do Your Research
Before you set foot in the dealership do your research. If you are trading in a car, how much is it worth? If you have your eyes set on a particular make and model of a new car, know how much it’s worth too.

Shop Around
Don’t settle on the first price you are given at the first dealership you visit. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Like any large purchase, shop around. Visit a few different dealerships and see who is offering the best deal.

Be Patient
One of the worst parts of the car buying process is the waiting game. If you get so antsy to get out you may settle for something that isn’t the best deal you can get. Know before you go that you will be there for a while. Bring a book or download a podcast that way you are making use of the wait time.

Negotiate Outside
Don’t negotiate at the salesperson’s desk. Psychologically being behind the desk indicates a position of power which may lead the buyer to pay more. Instead head outside and walk and talk.

Beware of the Add Ons
Your price can start to go up once it’s time to visit the Finance Manager. This is where you may be asked to add-on extended warranties and paint protection. If you aren’t interested, simply say no. If you are interested, these prices can also be negotiable.

Get Pre-Approved Before You Go
Apply for a vehicle loan with a financial institution. This will save you time and possibly more money than getting your financing from the dealership. Sikorsky Credit Union has great rates on new and used vehicles. Learn more.