Protect yourself Online

Ten Computer Security Tips

  1. Be sure to set up your operating system and web browser software properly and update them regularly. You may want to set up your computer for automatic software and operating system updates.

  2. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software as well as a firewall. Set the software to scan your files and update on a regular basis.

  3. Choose strong passwords with letters, numbers, and special characters. Create a different password for each account, and change passwords regularly.

  4. Protect your passwords. Do not use the “Remember Password” feature of applications.

  5. Back up important files regularly.

  6. Don't leave your computer in an unsecured area, or unattended and logged on, especially in public places.

  7. Ignore unsolicited emails, and be wary of attachments, links and forms in emails that come from people you don't know. Avoid untrustworthy downloads from freeware or shareware sites.

  8. Use secure connections when connected to the Internet.

  9. Know who you are dealing with.

  10. Learn who to contact if something goes wrong. provides practical advice to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.

We also recommend that you visit the following websites to learn more about online safety and security: 

E-mail Security Tips

  1. Be wary of suspicious emails. Never open attachments, click on links, or respond to emails from suspicious or unknown senders.

  2. If you receive a suspicious email that you think is a phishing email, do not respond or provide any information.

  3. If you respond to a phishing email with personal or account information, contact Sikorsky Credit Union immediately.