Mobile Banking Security

Ten Steps to Keep your Mobile Device Safe and Secure

  1. Enable password protection with automatic lock out.

  2. Never share your password.

  3. Keep the operating system up to date.

  4. Record brand, model and serial number.

  5. Do not modify (or jailbreak) your mobile device, it may disable important security features and may void your warranty.

  6. Use a secure internet connection.

  7. Keep apps up to date.

  8. Only install apps from official sources like the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  9. Consider installing a ”Find my Phone” app (varies by operating system, check with your provider).

  10. Install antivirus software; ask your wireless carrier for recommendations.

Steps to take when your mobile device is lost or stolen

  • Notify your service provider to deactivate your mobile device immediately.

  • Call Sikorsky Credit Union at (203) 377-2252.

  • Change your Online Banking Password and PIN.

  • If your mobile phone number changes:

  • Call us at (203) 377-3325

  • Also, update the number in your Online Banking account.

Beware of “Phishing” “SMiShing” and “Spoofing”

Sikorsky Credit Union is committed to providing you with a safe and secure mobile banking experience. We recommend that you stay alert for fraudsters who may try to trick you into providing sensitive information. For example, scammers may send emails (phishing) and text messages (SMiShing) pretending to be from Sikorsky Credit Union. These fake emails and text messages typically ask you to click on a link to go to a website that looks like Sikorsky Credit Union’s website (spoofing) and enter your personal account information. These emails and text messages may even ask you to call a phone number to verify your personal information.

Steps to Protect against Phishing, SMiShing and Spoofing:

  • Remember: Sikorsky Credit Union will NEVER ask you to verify personal information (Username, password, Social Security Number, etc.) in an email, text message or phone call we initiate.

  • Make sure you are using the Sikorsky Credit Union mobile website; you will see in your browser window.

  • Text messages from Sikorsky Credit Union’s Text Message Banking will only originate from the number 454545. (Note: One Time Passcodes sent by text message from Online Banking to will originate from 44833.)

If you happen to receive a suspicious email or text message, or see a website that looks suspicious, please contact our Call Center at (203) 377-2252 or (888) 753-5553.

Learn how to protect your mobile device. Click here for our Mobile Banking Security Guide.

Our mobile solutions are free, however standard rates and fees may apply from your wireless carrier.
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