Starting Over

starting over - a new job, change in maritial status or any new beginning

Life offers many twists and turns. Changing jobs, marital status or other new beginnings can bring many financial questions...

Financial Checklist

  • If you are leaving your employer and want to move your 401k or other type of retirement savings, roll your funds over to an IRA with the Credit Union. Learn more about IRAs at Retirement Central and how you can change those accounts today.

  • This could be the time when extra dollars can help with bills or making home improvements. Sikorsky Credit Union provides a variety of loans for those short term needs

  • A house can be a great source of savings if the interest rate you currently pay on a mortgage is high. Look for rates and new mortgage options.

  • Refinance your car loan with a lower rate loan from Sikorsky Credit Union

  • Have you looked at the small print on the bottom of your financial institution's checking statement? Watch those fees disappear when you change your account to Sikorsky Credit Union.
    Learn more about the variety of programs available to you .