Starting Out

Freedom!!! First Job! Wheels! Your own place! How can I afford it all?

Financial Checklist

  • Need to save for that new sofa or a vacation with friends? A good place to start is with a special savings or vacation account. Click here for details.

  • Don't spend time waiting in line to cash your paycheck. Use Direct Deposit so your funds are ready to go! Click here for details.

  • Time is money. Managing your accounts is convenient when all the tools you need are at your fingertips. Click here to learn about eServices.

  • Want some advice about how to buy a new car or how to use credit to reach your goals? Learn more with Anytime Advisor

  • Loans for a new or used car can be easily done with Sikorsky Credit Union. You can even find your car online with AutoSmart by CUDL

  • Need to save but don't know where to begin? Learn about daily or weekly spending changes by using our Spendalator.

  • Credit Cards are convenient when shopping or when you go out with friends. Learn more about the variety of cards available to you with your membership.