Getting Married/Partnership

It's exciting, romantic and can be stressful at times. You will find that two really can't live as cheaply as one. Your life together will be happy and financially successful with a few tips...

Financial Checklist

  • "Yours, mine and ours" is how you may set up your money. Open a joint checking account today to manage your joint household's finances.

  • Enjoy your time together. There's no need to wait for statements to arrive or run out to purchase stamps to pay bills. The convenience of eServices helps with the management of your household's budget and leaves more time for being together.

  • Your first house together is a big financial commitment. Be sure you have the best mortgage rates by learning more about the Credit Union mortgage programs.

  • Being together for the long term also means planning for your future. See what lies in store with retirement IRAs and being a couple with money