Other Loans

Advantage Loan

  • Borrow for holiday or other seasonal expenses

  • Borrow for vacations

  • Competitive rates and terms

  • A maximum of $5,000 for up to 36 months

Personal Loan

  • Borrow for larger purchases, home furnishings or appliances, unexpected needs

  • Fixed rate for life of loan

  • Maximum term 60 months

Line One Line of Credit

  • Use as needed with your Sikorsky Credit Union checking account

  • Don't have the expense or embarrassment of a bounced check

  • Easy access by check or debit card.

Shared Secured Loan

  • Loan against your Sikorsky Credit Union savings

  • Borrow up to amount available in regular share savings account

  • Maximum term 60 months

Certificate Secured Loan

  • Loan against your Sikorsky Credit Union Certificate

  • Borrow up to total amount of certificates

  • Maximum amount $150,000

  • Terms dependent on certificate

All loan policies, rates and terms are subject to change and all loan requests are subject to approval.