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Manage Your Checking Account to Avoid Fees

You may be incurring unnecessary Non-Sufficient Funds and transfer fees.

Sikorsky CU is required to adhere to Federal Regulation D, which is a federal regulation that limits electronic debits from share savings accounts to 6 transfers or withdrawals per calendar month. The transactions that are limited include: Preauthorized payments to a third party (ACH withdrawals); Internet and Telephone Banking transfers; transfers done by phone with a Member Service Representative; overdraft transfers; and automatic transfers to other SCU share accounts (not including loans).  All of SCU share savings accounts are subject to Regulation D transaction limits.  Checking and Daily Money Market accounts are not subject to the limits.

To properly manage your checking account and avoid fees, keep your checking balance sufficient to cover your check, ACH and debit card activity.  If you do not have a SCU Line One, you may want to apply in order to help protect your checking account from negative balances.  For more information, contact Member Service at 203-377-2252 option 4, or visit one of our branches.