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Sikorsky Credit Union takes the Mystery out of FICO Credit Scores

Sikorsky Credit Union gives straight talk to help attendees' financial lives.

From left to right:  Bryan Flores, Lending Manager at Sikorsky Credit Union and D'Anthony Ward, Sikorsky Aircraft.

Sikorsky Credit Union recently had the opportunity to explain and demystify FICO scores at a lunch and learn held at Sikorsky Aircraft for their employees.  At this event, Sikorsky Credit Union Lending Manager Bryan Flores relayed his experience to a group of 20 people attending the event in person, along with another 50 who were listening in from around the country.  The group learned that by understanding your FICO score and building your credit, you may be able to save money in the long run.

“It is really important to build and maintain your credit score,” noted Flores, who has worked in the lending department at Sikorsky Credit Union for several years.  “A good credit score is a key element to pay less overall for vehicle and home loans.”  Flores’ talk and supporting material impacted the audience.  Sikorsky employee Temi Akingboye was very impressed with the presentation and information provided.  “I had so many questions on my FICO score answered today.  I was glad I came.  Mr. Flores explained everything in so much detail.”