June is here, which means so is wedding season. There is no doubt about it, weddings are expensive, whether you are throwing one or attending. Many people may be finding themselves invited to more weddings than usual since Covid pushed many wedding plans back a year or two.  

So how can you celebrate with the ones you love without breaking the bank? First off, start planning early. You usually know of a wedding well in advance so if cash is tight try setting aside a little every month for a gift and other expenses. Also, know your role in the wedding. If you are a member of the wedding party, it’s about to get more expensive. If you truly cannot afford that role, be honest with the bride and groom. Everyone understands when finances are tight.

If you are attending the wedding with others you know consider a group gift. Maybe a big item that would be too expensive for one guest can be bought by a few instead. When it comes to gift buying look at the registry as a wish list. Just because it’s on the registry doesn’t mean you need to get it from that store. Shop around for the best deal. Most of the time you can still have the registry marked off as ‘purchased’ for that item even if it was bought somewhere else.

Is the wedding away from home? This often requires more planning and more money. Usually those getting married will reserve a room block at a local hotel at a discounted rate, if it’s not the cheapest, shop around. You don’t have to stay at the room block hotel, this is a courtesy to help those not local out, so if you find something less expensive that works for your budget do it. If you know you want to look for the best deal plan early, once you get closer to the date the hotel prices will most likely go up. You could also try sharing an AirBNB with friends if you can find a better rate. Gas is expensive, so if you know others going up try carpooling.

When it comes to your attire, try wearing something you already own or borrow from a friend. You can also rent an outfit at a reasonable price. For example, Rent the Runway, lets you borrow a nice gown at a good price.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the expenses of a wedding, with some planning you can go stress free.