Welcome to a CT credit union that prioritizes you and your needs, providing valuable products that help you get ahead and powerful technology that helps you get things done.


Savings Accounts

Various accounts help you join Sikorsky Credit Union and start building your financial foundation.

Free Kasasa Saver®

This free account links to your free Kasasa Cash® and Kasasa Cash Back® checking to make saving easy.


Consider the tax advantages of these long-term retirement savings options.

Retirement Central

Access a wealth of materials that can help your retirement planning.

Business Savings

Grow your savings with accounts designed for your specific needs.


Free Checking Accounts

We reduce the hassles and fees to maximize the value of this daily account.

Free Kasasa Cash® Checking

Our free Kasasa Cash checking account pays you just for banking with us.

Free Kasasa Cash Back® Checking

Our free Kasasa Cash Back checking actually pays you 3.00% cash back on your debit card purchases every month.

VISA® Debit Card

Get convenient, immediate access to your money when you make purchases or ATM withdrawals.

Business Checking

Manage your finances with flexible checking account options.


Online Banking

Manage your accounts anytime, anywhere you can access a computer.

Mobile Banking

Turn your phone or tablet into a digital extension of a Sikorsky Credit Union branch.


Increase the security of your monthly statements and reduce your clutter.

Direct Deposit

Automatically deposit your paycheck and other recurring payments.

Telephone Banking

Use any touch-tone phone to conduct simple, automated banking tasks 24/7.

Branch Offerings

These convenient in-branch services provide more value for your membership.